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How does that word sound? The Wikibase installation Lingua Libre structures and preserves spoken language.
Seeris , LinguaLibreAtikamkew1 , cutout by Atelier Disko for WMDE, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Wikibase Software as a Basis for new Knowledge Projects

technology 100,000 audio files in 46 languages were recorded with the Wikibase installation Lingua Libre in 2018.

One of the many examples of an open data project created with Wikibase is Lingua Libre. The directory of free audio voice recordings aims to preserve the sound of the world's languages and the pronunciation of their words in the form of structured data and to make them freely available to everyone. The project originated in France, where the initiators were keen to promote endangered regional languages. The great thing about Lingua Libre is that everyone can add to the spoken vocabulary – be it with a few words, proverbs or whole sentences. Thus, even people who are not familiar with phonetic transcription can hear how individual words are pronounced at the push of a button.

Up to 1,200 recordings per hour can now be recorded via the online application and uploaded directly to the free media archive Wikimedia Commons. Via the connection to Wikidata, the recorded sounds enrich Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia or the free dictionary Wiktionary in particular – but they also support linguistics specialists in their research.

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