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At the Wikimedia Conference 2018, hosted by Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedians discussed passionately how the Wikimedia movement needs to adapt to be able to achieve its 2030 goals.
Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. , Wikimedia Conference 2018 – 108 , cutout by Atelier Disko for WMDE, CC BY-SA 4.0

Wikimedia 2030

We have now determined where we want to go: Wikimedia has set itself the goal of becoming the most important supporting structure for the entire Free Knowledge movement – and everyone who wants to join us ought to be welcome at any time.

Wikimedia 117 volunteers and staff members of 9 thematic working groups have been working out recommendations in 2018 for Wikimedia’s future.

We want to achieve this through our two goals "Knowledge as a Service" and "Knowledge Equity". Knowledge as a service embodies above all the idea of being the platform for the world’s knowledge – everyone can contribute, but also change it, and continue to put it to use in each person’s context. Knowledge equity means that we want to focus even more on people and their knowledge, who were previously excluded due to power structures and privileges as well as political or social hurdles.

These are noble goals. But how do we achieve them? What do we have to change in our structures in and around the Wikimedia projects in order to be where we want to be in 2030?

Wikimedia Deutschland has been working intensively on these questions since the middle of last year – together with numerous full-time employees and volunteers of the global Wikimedia movement. In nine thematic working groups, about 117 Wikimedians develop recommendations on how we can modernize our structures to such an extent that we can successfully pursue this new course together. Wikimedia Deutschland supports this process in the best possible way, because we believe that this extensive and inclusive process is essential for the future of Free Knowledge.

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